Our Mission at FCFI is to develop a fellowship of strong believers to send out as laborers in the field. FCFI's desire is to unify these strong believers into a network that encourages and equips for the furtherance of the Kingdom of God. It is our hope that if we follow the command from our LORD in Mark and Matthew to go into the world then and only then will we show the love of God. A strong body is developed by all of the body parts participating for the common goal as in Ephesians 4:11-16   

"Sending laborers around the world armed with tools to win the lost and raising them up to reap for Christ."



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Who Are We

Bishop William and Hattie Hildreth and a group of ministers who had a common vision, united faith, and a biblical focus on the apostolic ministry of the New Testament church founded Faith Christian Fellowship International (FCFI). Their heartfelt desire was to see a fellowship commissioned to serve full gospel ministers, churches, and missionary endeavors, which would sustain and maintain a strong body of believers, directed by the Holy Spirit, through Jesus Christ.

FCFI Conference SpeakerFCFI was formed in 1979 and is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service under the Federal 501c3 tax provision. Because of the responsibility placed upon the fellowship all who chose to be affiliated with FCFI, all required to adhere to and function under the guidelines set forth in its constitution and by-laws, which regulates the disbursements of funds according to Internal Revenue Service guidelines.

Faith Christian Fellowship International serves: Churches, Ministries, Missions and Religious Organizations. We serve Licensed and Ordained Ministers, Christian Education Ministers, Pastors, Missionaries, and Individuals seeking to be in the ministry.

Our Goals

One of the desires of Faith Christian Fellowship International (FCFI) is to be more than just a fellowship that just takes your dues and holds “bless me” conferences.

We want to offer our members training classes to help them build their church, grow as a pastor, develop their mission organization, help them develop their boarding school, Bible college, Christian school, rescue mission, Christian book store or any other type of religious organization that is trying to win people to Jesus.

We are in the process of developing The FCFI 101 Training Program that will help you carry out your calling and mission in life.  Please contact us for more information.

Faith Christian Fellowship International (FCFI)

6400 National Rd. East  # 797,
Richmond, IN 47374
Phone: (765) 962-4406
Fax: (765) 935-3961
Email:  info@fcfi.us

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